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Greetings from “SikshyaBarta,”
A leading Educational Weekly Newspaper.

  • Regarding Management of SIKSHYA BARTA –India’s leading Educational weekly NEWS PAPER to be published in Hindi, English & Regional language to create Educational consciousness and awareness among the people.
  • Franchise opportunity for NGOs/ Educational Institutions/ Social Workers/ Financial sound parties to establish “State Education media office”, “Zonal Education media office”, “ District Education media office”, and “Block Education media office” in the different areas of Jammu & Kashmir state to create an Educational Awareness in the society.
  • And to manage and circulate/ distribute of this Educational weekly Newspaper to be published in English, Hindi & Regional language in the different areas of Jammu & Kashmir State.
  • To provide Advertisement to publish in the SIKSHYA BARTA News Paper & to send News/ Stories/ Messages/ Articles/ Views/ success and achievement reports on Education, awareness, development & welfare activities related by our Email Id to publish the same in the Special Issue to be published in the different occasions.

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Shiksha Bharta

Dear Friends,

The SikshyaBarta is a leading Educational Weekly News Paper to be published in English, Hindi and Regional language to create Educational Conciseness in the society which is registered under RNI (Ministry of Information & Broadcasting Govt. of India) to publish in Multilingual. It is the voice of the voiceless people and giving emphasis for School and College Students for their success, career and bright future. The SikshyaBarta is going to spread educational message and news to rural and remote area of the society. The News paper is also focusing on the developmental & welfare activities by the GOVT & NGOs/ VOs for spread its massage in the country.

The main motto of this News Paper is to create educational Consciousness among all and to search the talents from village to national level in the country in different sectors to give them encouragement by publishing their internal talent qualities and to bringing them in national & International level.

We also organizing different type of competitions & co-curricular activities among school & college Students and the meritorious students will be awarded in our different programs & functions.

We publish only the Development News/ Reports / Educational News/Articles/ Achievement reports/ Messages success stories and News related people’s awareness, in this Weekly News paper received from different NGOs/ VOs/ Schools/ Colleges and Educational Institutions in related Development, Welfare & Educational Activities have been done and to be done in the different areas of Jammu & Kashmir State.

We also find out the different problems of different areas of the state through this weekly News paper and try to solve the same by the co-operation of the GOVT. and Non-Govt. organizations for the betterment of the society & to create awareness among the people to make Jammu & Kashmir progress and prosperity.

The News/ Message on educational & welfare activities/student development & welfare programs given by the Teachers/ Professors/ Educationists/ Principals of different school & colleges is publishing in this news paper to create consciousness & educational awareness in the Society.

We would like to introduce, the SikshyaBarta is the feature based color Multilingual Weekly Newspaper is going to mobilize opinions on Educational problems concerning special School & College sectors interest. The main Jammu & Kashmir of the SikshyaBarta is to spread educational message, News and to create consciousness among the people of our country. The SikshyaBartaA Leading Educational weekly News Paper is giving emphasis on educational, social and economical development of our country.

As per our Planning for wide range publication & circulation of this News paper in the different States of India, we are offering partnership/franchises to the interested financial sound parties/ well established NGOs/ individuals/ private institutions working for Social & Educational Development. We are providing Partnership/ Franchises for publication and circulation of the newspaper in (State, Zonal, District & Block level) under the different states. The NGOs/ concerned should have their own offices for Management & implementing of the News paper in their own areas.

Those NGOs/ VOs/ Organizations/ Individuals who are interested to distribute the weekly News paper by establishing Education Media Offices in different areas of Jammu & Kashmir State and send their application on their organization letter Head/ Application format given within a week in our Email Id:- for establishment of “State Education Media Office”, “Zonal Education Media Office”, ”District Education Media Office” & "Block Education Media Office” under SIKSHYA BARTA, Jammu & Kashmir / New Delhi to management, distribute and circulate the News Paper in the different areas of Jammu & Kashmir State.

N.B.:- We request you for your kind co-operation & Encouragement for the betterment of the news paper towards Noble cause of the Society. The valuable educational message to create consciousness in the Society & to buildup PROGRESSIVE JAMMU & KASHMIR May please be sent for publishing in our EDUCATIONAL NEWS PAPER for which we shall be highly obliged. Any Educational Massage/ news/ Article/ Message/ Views & Suggestions may kindly be sent through our email Id for publishing in our News Paper from time to time to create educational consciousness in the Society.